Weddings through the seasons at Colshaw Hall

The majority of couples dream about getting hitched in the summer months – it’s a fact that wedding industry figures cannot dispute.  Couples searching for Cheshire wedding venues imagine rays of sunshine, drinks receptions on the lawn, the sweet scent of flowers in the garden, birds singing and the romance of an outside ceremony.  And who can blame them? A summer wedding can be extraordinary.

But, at Colshaw Hall, we would like to draw attention to the remaining three seasons of the year.  Many unexpected benefits can be gained from choosing an Autumn, Winter or Spring date.  As seasons change, your wedding can take on a different ambience due to the changing weather, contrasting choices of flowers and different styles of bridal wear and venue dressing.  Even menus are given a seasonal twist!

People’s lives are increasingly demanding, the time taken off work to tie the knot is precious and for most people budget needs to be spent wisely, so we would urge you to consider every part of the year. You can have an equally, if not more special, wedding day.

1) Autumnal Weddings

This season is a blaze of colour at Colshaw Hall during Autumn. The driveway turns into a glorious orange and red pathway, that guides you past the hall and Japanese Gardens, which also give their last flurry of colour during this season.

On the inside, wedding themes in Autumn have a warm vibe and we often see bronze and rich brown hues come to life.  These earthy tones give photographers more creative options too as you’ll see from the gallery below.  In Autumn, we’ll see sparklers used as favours, and if you’re lucky enough to get married during the weekend nearest bonfire night, then you’re allowed a firework display too!

September often brings warm days with it, which usually carries on throughout the month.  If you choose a date in November, you’ll also get the added advantage of a ‘Winter Warmer’ Offer, which means that not only do you receive an off-peak price to start, you save a further 20% on the prices in our VAT inclusive deal.  But it’s not just the favourable price tag that Autumn brings, having a country estate that’s full of Autumnal trees makes it one of the best seasons to tie the knot at Colshaw Hall.

  • Couple getting married at Colshaw Hall
  • Autumn at Colshaw Hall
  • Autumn Weddings at Colshaw Hall

2) Winter Weddings

At Colshaw Hall we love a winter wedding too. The smell of mulled wine fills the air for your wedding reception, the winter menus take on a different theme, and the brides and the bridesmaids look stunning in their winter capes and accessories. The real fires, crackling in the hall keep your guests warm and give that extra cosy feel.  Having the Pavilion area indoors is also a lovely place to gather with guests and toast your wedding, during this season.  The addition of candles and creative interior lighting gives a festive feel.  You’ll also have the added benefit of the additional lighting outside.

If you choose to get married at the end of December and before the first week of January, you’ll have the advantage of the estate being dressed with lavish Christmas decorations, and it won’t cost you an extra penny. There’s nothing quite like Colshaw Hall in the snow either as you’ll see from the pictures – imagine your wedding pictures with a dusting of snow on the ground!

Having a wedding in January can also give your friends and family something to look forward to in the quieter months, which gives your wedding standout, away from the masses of weddings in the summer.  You can hire Colshaw Hall in January from as little as £4,000 at this exclusive and luxurious venue, so it’s super-friendly for your budget.   Besides, when you get engaged, not everyone wants to wait two years for a Saturday in the summer. So if you would like to get married quicker then winter itself is a good time of year to choose!

  • Christmas Weddings
  • Colshaw Hall in the Snow

3) Spring Weddings

Spring is a lovely time of year to get married as it personifies ‘new life’ in every way. From the emerging flowers (flowers are often more impressive in Spring than they are in mid-summer) new lambs in the fields and the birds come to life (who needs wedding bells when you’ve got the chorus of the Colshaw Hall birds?).

This year throughout February and March we have had beautiful weather too and have already held numerous outdoor receptions during this period.  With more extended hours but the sun not yet rising to its full summer height, the light can often be softer than summer which is great for your wedding photos – no harsh midday lighting in Spring!

Our Winter Warmer offer still applies in March which is a bonus, but the real jewel in the crown is the gardens bursting into life, the rabbits hopping about on the lawns.  The daffodils are a really stunning spectacle and the Magnolia gardens are really magnificent to wander through with a glass of fizz.  Mulled wine gives way to gin and tonics and there are fresh seasonal menus from Barrett’s Catering.

Whichever season you choose to get married then we promise Colshaw Hall is a magical country estate all year around.  If you would like to see our Winter Warmer Prices then just contact us, and we can let you know all about our seasonal offers.

  • Spring weddings at Colshaw Hall
  • Gin and tonic at Colshaw Hall

Whichever season you choose to get married then we promise Colshaw Hall is a magical country estate all year around.  If you would like to see our Winter Warmer Prices then just contact us, and we can let you know all about our seasonal offers.

Images by amazing photographers:  Jonny Draper, Richard Milnes, Lesley Meredith, Neil Redfern, Martin Hambleton, SMH

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